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Elizabeth C. Robles, DDS

Elizabeth C. Robles, DDS

Elizabeth learned the basics of orthodontics as a young child while visiting and helping out in her mother's orthodontic practice. Having a strong role model, she pursued that route and received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from New York University College of Dentistry in 1995. After completing her one-year residency at Albany Medical Hospital, she returned to New York University for her postdoctoral certification.

Teaching has always been a passion of hers and has presented numerous continuing education lectures in the past several years.

She is a member of several associations including the American Association of Orthodontics, American Dental Association, Maryland State Dental Association, and Southern Maryland Dental Society.

How I became an orthodontic coach?

Presenting continuing education lectures to general dentists and hygienists with information involving new technology that they may not be aware of is very rewarding to me.

Countless of general dentists continue to ask for help with their orthodontic treatment cases. The underlying story that these dentists share is that all have taken numerous orthodontic courses but still lack the understanding, support and mentoring needed with their execution of orthodontic care to their patients. All were still applying traditional techniques and methods and felt extreme frustration to the point of mental exhaustion. This has propelled me to develop a personalized online program for general dentists to help anticipate problems, minimize issues and decrease stress overall for themselves, their patients and their staff in return.

How does this program work?

Simply put, this is a 90-day passive self-ligating course with the option to add a 6 or 12 month live online mentorship program taken twice a month. This is a fast track approach to the clarity and understanding needed to steer you in the right direction.


As an orthodontist, I wish this program was released when I graduated as it would have presented a clarity that I didn’t receive through experience yet. You can choose to continue to be on your own treating cases. But why? I find this program to be invaluable as her being on your side can only increase your joy factor in knowing you have a Specialist holding your hand initially and empowering you. It’s unnecessary to go through this without having a mentor.
Dr. S. Saba
Orthodontist, D.C.
This is a remarkable program, it helps you gain the confidence. What I appreciated the most about the program was how it connects all the scattered dots of orthodontic knowledge and simplifies the path. It’s comforting to know that I have her on my side while providing this treatment in addition to my general practice.
Dr. M. Nguyen
General Dentist, NJ
Dr. Robles is an exceptional coach. Her 20 years of expertise in addition to her being a second-generation Orthodontist has enabled her to create simplified and effective strategies tailored for General Dentists in the often foggy world and art of Orthodontics.
Dr. L. Lynch
General Dentist, NJ
The high integrity of Dr. Robles and her expertise through her mentorship is not only invaluable but clear to understand and implement. With her guidance, the opportunity to meet weekly to discuss different types of cases and with other general dentists going through the same issues is a true win-win for everyone.
Dr. Echandy
Pediatric Dentist, MD


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